Some additional thoughts about the meditation called “Creating the Mer-Akai Protective Shield and the New Ascension Bridge” and the preparation for the joining of the Lightworkers

We would like to share some further thoughts with you based on the experiences of and reflections on the meditative connections we have made so far. These might be helpful to those who have already begun working with this meditation and also to those who plan to join now.

It is important to know that this deep inner journey will mainly be comprehensible and easier to follow for those who have read our books ‘Stellar Nations – Soul Families’ because they can already be familiar with the concepts and notions that are mentioned in the meditation. This is also why we have sent our most recent newsletter out on individual requests where you can find more information on those special themes and expressions mentioned in the meditation.

This meditation consists of three seemingly separate units, in which the alliance of three pathways is formed. In the background, the entire journey follows a very intentional Heavenly program and encoding of light, which unites the three energy qualities.

In the first part, we are guided by the consciousness and healing wisdom of Mother Earth and the Goddess. Our group has been prepared for this by the serious initiations and cathartic experiences of the past year (2014) that was guided by the Female Serpents. But if anyone still feels some kind of tension at this point of the meditation that means that her wounded priestess self is asking to be healed and wishes to be reconciled with the mysteries of the Goddess.

The first part is followed by the “Male Serpent Teaching”, which is more difficult to receive and comprehend. It consists of the creation of the Mer-Akai Protective Shield, which we received from the Melchizedek Soul, from His 8th dimensional realm. As we mentioned in our newsletter, too, in the 21st century our world and the integrity and freedom of our spiritual and human being are being threatened mostly by such technological means and the manipulations of the so-called electromagnetic warfare that need to be answered by the means of science and the Melchizedek mysteries for a good reason. However, the creation of this protective energy field requires some knowledge of the basics of sacral geometry – which we tried to help with the illustration of the inside cover of the CD and the image on our website – so it is natural that in many people, certain traumas of their current lives may be triggered at this point of the meditation. These are usually the failures they experienced as a child, on the fields of mathematics, geometry, physics and generally at school. This might result in headaches, restlessness and most often in a state called “knockout”, when the conscious mind simply falls asleep or it struggles very hard to stay awake and aware.

There might also be some, who have had serious battles with the fallen line of the nation of the Male Serpents, the magicians of the Nibiruans, during their earthly and galactic history; or they might carry a heavy karma from Atlantis. Their resistance against any teaching from the Male Serpents might be especially intense. They can feel distracted or feelings of tension, anger or fear can emerge in them, which they might consider to be the effect of the meditation. This is a natural projection process, which can be understood, but it has a very important message as it reveals that the given Lightworkers still have an important task to complete. This could be the work with some energy charge from their previous lives or the dissolution of an unwanted psychic bond with regards to their life in Atlantis or maybe a traumatic spiritual leader in their present life who has tried to rule over them in a black magical way. Of course, this is not included in this meditation, but since we are currently in the initiating year of the stellar nation of the Male Serpents, it is especially important for everyone to be healed in this area as much as possible.

(Our recently released Electra meditation can be helpful in this, with the dissolution of the magical bonds and the healing of one’ feminineness if necessary – but available only in Hungarian, yet.)

In the third part, we are guided by the mysteries of Christ. This can be followed with one’s whole heart and consciousness mainly if they have read the Chapter of the Bear Nation in the Stellar Nations book and moreover if they travelled across the wonderful initiation steps and deep recognitions of our book ‘Calling You’, having received the revelations of Christ in their souls.

Of course, if one has already “been distracted and knocked out” during the first two steps, it will be hard to raise their energy levels here. Especially that in the meantime we have to complete an interesting path in which we were first in our body, then in our head and now we enter the Temple of our Heart to let this experience carry us towards a heavenly rapture. If we manage to keep the necessary vibration level then all the joining Emissaries of Light can become wonderful building stones of the four pillars of the Ascension Bridge, made by and from ourselves.

This third unit measures the abilities of the heart, as if we had to place our heart onto “the scales of Anubis” to get through the “eye of the needle” and find the way towards the “Kingdom of God”, where we can carry our loved ones and this entire beautiful planet together with us.

So this triple code is consciously integrated in this meditation. There have been so many battles between these three nations during our history, in fact, there are so many battles and lapses even today that we must heal and redeem all this now. According to the original Divine Intention, we need to pour out these three rays into our world together, in perfect cooperation. Moreover, it is our exact mission as cosmic human Lightworkers to heal and teach in unity with these three spiritual qualities for the purpose of the planetary Ascension.

Altogether this is a very intense and very high vibrational grandiose initiation experience, a “sarcophagus situation”. It demands great maturity, serious humility and true abilities of the heart. But at the same time, it continuously trains the adepts who undertake this journey. So you should not be frightened by the aforementioned symptoms or feelings. These old energy charges, resistances, tensions and karmic knots of fate must be and will be dissolved by this inner pathway. Through this we can grow, become stronger and get closer to the state of Christ Consciousness.

Those who persist and manage to strive through the “knockout” or their invisibly emerging tensions related to a memory held in their personal Akashic Records with regards to any of these three nations (the pathway of the Goddess, the way of the Melchizedek knowledge, the mysteries of Christ), will most certainly experience the spiritual triumph as they become able to complete this meditation pathway more and more consciously and on a higher vibrational level. They become stronger and more protected, their lives start to be healed and their problems begin to be dissolved. And then they are awaited by the experience of an infinite outflow and cathartic rapture, which is the first step of Enlightenment and the Christ Consciousness! Then they can help more people, they will attract more people and in general, their days will be spent in much greater peace and love.

We wanted to share all this with you to answer the questions and doubts that may possibly arise in you and also to help those Emissaries of Light, who gather smaller or greater groups for this united spiritual work. With this information, you can handle any unexpected situation better and you can help the ones who turn to you for help.

We trust that you will be awaited by wonderful experiences and that together as one giant circle of hearts, we will be able to change the destiny of Planet Earth and anchor the possibility of Ascension.


May all your experiences be blessed by Light,


Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó