Dear Stellar Sisters and Brothers,

We would like to share an exciting and new opportunity and invite you to participate in a beautiful mystery related to the teachings of the Stellar Nations.

While we were performing the Mystery of the Redemption of the Cosmic Humans with part of our group in Hungary, we suddenly felt a kind of call and inspiration from the Holy Spirit that we should also offer this possibility to our Stellar Sisters and Brothers worldwide – because it was so powerful and deeply healing for everyone in the group.

We shall do this as an online event that involves going through a complex and quite long two-part meditation (in English) as an inner work, while we do remote healing and energetic release of the blockages and karmic energy patterns that any of you, as participants, might hold in relation to all the stellar nations.

We’ll mention the logistical details below but first, as background, we would like to share that this Redemption Mystery was born in 2017, the year of the Cosmic Humans. Our whole group traveled beautifully through it in the form of group healing sessions (15-18 people at a time) during 2017 and 2018.

As you well know, when we first stepped into individuation, we were given a choice to be either a Cosmic Human, an Angel, or a particle of the Holy Spirit on the Spirit level of being. As the universal chalice of all life, Cosmic Humans were given the possibility and privilege of carrying all the stellar seeds inside. Thus, they have experienced, known, and have walked the path of all the stellar nations.

The 13th Stellar Nation, the Way of the Holy Spirit, is the other spiritual substance that knows the path of all the Stellar Nations from inside.

This is why we felt the need to return to the Mystery of the Redemption of the Cosmic Human this year – for as the experiences of the Cosmic Humans can cause them to drift farther and farther from the Creator’s Divine Source, the Holy Spirit never ceases to accompany all creatures and all humans, constantly reminding them of their unity with Universal Oneness.

The presence of the Holy Spirit carries the fate correction programs and light codes that illuminate and guide the possibility of correction and redemption in connection with all lapses, mistakes, sins, and rebellions.

It is no coincidence that it was the Christ Soul who transmitted the secret of uniting and working with the Holy Spirit. He instructed his apostles and followers about the importance of inner faith in opening interaction with the Holy Spirit.

We feel that this Mystery of Redemption of the Cosmic Human, performed with the grace and wisdom of the close and conscious interaction of the Holy Spirit, means and can give so much. This offers us a great opportunity to unlock and release our galactic and terrestrial karmic pasts and knots of fate.

We also have lately come to see more deeply that the universal quantum field is actually the light body of the Holy Spirit. So, the space of apparent emptiness around us is filled with such wonderful divine intelligence and wisdom that leads us to our own wholeness and the restoration of our deep sense of unity with God and the Goddess, with the Divine Source of all life. The Holy Spirit is coded with this task, it is its essential mission, the essence of its existence – to unite all creatures with the Universal Oneness and lead them home.

The other thing we felt to be special about this Mystery is that in addition to going through the whole process of remembrance and healing of all the stellar nations within ourselves, on the personal level, we can also continually touch and raise the collective by working with the Holy Spirit. With the help of the Holy Spirit we can much more effectively influence the collective human fate, the collective consciousness, and karmic patterns of humanity. Thus we can influence the collective consciousness of Planet Earth and the collective fate of the Cosmic Humans towards working for the redemption and the possibility of the next Ascension Gate to come in 2030.

This session is offered as a “product” in our shop and you can register for one of the date options. The price of this mystery and remote healing is 98 USD.

To do this we prepared a Dropbox page and if someone wants to attend the course they can “purchase the ticket” to enter this healing Sanctuary. We will need to know exactly who will join and from what address and part of the world, so we can focus on each participant remotely. During your checkout process – similarly to the Antares-Code data sheet – we’ll ask some data and if possible we would be very happy for a picture of you to be uploaded which is very helpful for the remote attuning. This won’t be obligatory, of course.

The Dropbox link and password will be sent in the automatic confirmation letter from the address, so if you cannot find it, please check your spam and promotion folder as well.

Please note that the password will only be activated shortly before the session to enter and listen to the materials prior to the guided healing without our remote work. We’ll however, leave the drop box link up for ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­additional 2 days to allow you the opportunity to listen again afterwards and further integrate the work.

We ask for a minimum of ­­­7 participants and a maximum of 25 for each date that the Mystery is offered.

We hope that many of you will join and experience this wonderful and sacred journey!

With Love,

Bea and Anikó

You can registrate for this wonderful opportunity HERE!