The Story of the Alliance of Light and the Mission of the Lightworkers in Gaia’s Fate …

This teaching arrived as one of the important pillars of our magical and beautiful Celebration of Light on 19 December 2010, as a truly uplifting miracle. A new CD was also born from this – the „Alliance of Light”, by which we could recall, and moreover we could even transform the role we had undertaken in the Alliance of Light into a deep personal experience.

We have mentioned the existence and the concept of the Alliance of Light many times in our books (At the Gate of Cosmic Transfiguration, Stellar Nations – Soul Families) and we always added further details to the teachings related to this subject. Here comes another piece of the puzzle, which can probably help all the seekers recognize what their roles are in this great collective mission.

The lives of the earthly people walking and working on the spiritual pathway and the entire process of recognizing their own fate have always been guided and supported by the Celestial community, operating in the background ceaselessly and influencing us from the higher reality that is “beyond the veil”.

Such a sanctified moment could come in each person’s life at some point, when s/he could simply recognize his or her own self and his or her mission beyond the themes of everyday life. Then s/he might have often tried to complete, awaken and express that to his or her environment even amongst great sacrifices and in the state of being attacked and not understood, in order to touch the ones entrusted upon him or her.

This has never been an easy way, but still it is the only one we can walk on.

The ancient destiny-code that has been motivating us in this present and many previous lives of ours here on this Earth can really be recognized and understood from the existence and the teaching of the Alliance of Light.

We have known for a long time that the interstellar community of the Alliance of Light has members who have originally chosen to incarnate in the reality of Planet Earth and so they work from here, while there are other celestial Sisters and Brothers of ours, whom we can only perceive with our inner senses and who have been helping us from the invisible for thousands of years.

From the teachings of the Stellar Nations we know moreover that there are completely different stellar codes united in the souls of the members of this community, so that wonderful mystery is truly realized that we perfectly complement – complete one another.

Each one of us is a different pearl of Creation, so the unicorn, the angel, the pegasus, the bear- or serpent teacher, dolphin or serpent priestess healer, fairy soul etc. living inside us can participate the sacred united mission in a completely different way.

There have been such soul-alliances formed in many points of the universe before, in different eras of special importance, which were all united for the service of the life of a star or planet that was just approaching the finishing accord of its long life-cycles.

At such times, it is the Being that lives inside the core of the celestial body, as a member of the 13th Stellar Nation, and the higher collective consciousness of the inhabitants of the planet who can decide whether life would be ceased in the given world, in the final drama of a great global cataclysm – as we could also see in many points of the galaxy and within the Solar System. Or at other times it may occur that after a very serious spiritual transformation the concerned life sphere can be rescued onto a higher dimensional plane of existence so that a new evolutionary cycle may begin there, with new experiences.

We have discussed many times in our books that concerning Planet Earth, this exact collective, planetary level dimensional shift would be the deeply wished alternative option of fate.

Therefore it was really interesting to find out that the Alliance of Light, in the form we have been referring to it before, is not a very old creation, measured in galactic time.

As the point of all that is that Solana, the central star of our local Solar System, a fallen being of the Pleiades, after having gone through his revolt and painful falling (Stellar Nations – Soul Families, Volume I, page 184-192) and having observed the karmic life cycles of the planets, which were created from his dreams that emerged from his slowly returning memories; reached the point when he finally started to yearn for Returning Home, wishing it more than anything. Just like many of those beings who had joined the Solar System and lived on the Venus, Mars and the Maldek for many times 26 thousand years. (Amorah Quan Yin – The Pleiadian Perspective on human evolution, Bear&Co)

Such karmic chains and patterns were born in the worlds of these planets that the different beings carried on and realized again and again, without a real release or transfiguration, and more and more galactic karmic patterns joined the chain of experiences, like we could understand from the teachings of the Stellar Nations, too.

With the destruction of Maldek, however, Solana felt an almost inconsolable sense of longing for home, to his star sisters and family, so his aching heart prayed for mercy.

He knew that his recognition and the acceptance of his fall and taking on the cycles of repentance alone would not be enough but it was also necessary for the inhabitants of the Solar System’s mini universe, which had been created and sustained by him, to lead their personal and collective karmic processes to the final redemption, too.

And this was the moment when as a response to Solana’s prayer, the Creator/Creatress uttered a calling sound. S/he invited and gathered the souls who were the Ascended Masters of those planets of the Solar System, which had existed before planet Earth, and all the souls who had matured a similar spiritual level and recognitions like Solana’s heart had. Those who could similarly feel the stellar spheres of the higher reality, the colorful diversity of the stellar roots of their soul and heard the calling of their stellar homes already, as gentle awakening signals. So in that cosmic moment, the souls who had awakened and could hear the unhearable and see the invisible, started to gather.

We could say that it finally happened to turn out “by chance” that the exact number of 144 thousand people arrived to this meeting, and they experienced a really special and unique initiation, by which they made an alliance with one another and committed themselves to a special fate. This meant that from this point on, they would be working on illuminating and redeeming the karmic patterns that had been born on Solana and the planets of the Solar System, even by incarnating or working from the border of the 3rd and the 4th dimensions, in order to make the collective Returning Home happen at last. That is firstly the state of mind and consciousness in which all the beings are aware of, feel and live in the cosmic greatness of their existence, meaning that they all remember their real selves even among the stars, along the consciousness of “I am that I am”. On the other hand it means that the entire Solar System may possibly ascend from the 3rd dimensional plane of existence onto the 5th dimensional sphere permeated much more by the light and the Divine consciousness.

So in this special heavenly temple, a spiritual community was born from the alliance of 144 thousand souls who resonated to the Divine Calling. They became united by the mission they took on together. A wonderful ceremony began in which each and every soul walked up to the altar and looked into that mirror of fate that expressed him or her. Then s/he touched and received the holographic light-seal that contained the complex destiny-code in which everyone could find his or her own place and own role according to the stellar codes of his or her soul.

Now we would like to tell you some more about this light-seal, as it can help a lot in our understanding if we manage to receive the Seal of the Alliance of Light consciously and let the codes full of messages unfold in us. (You can also experience this initiation ceremony with the help of the recently released new meditation CD too – Alliance in the Light).

The symbolism of the simplified light-seal can be seen in the picture. It is like the layout plan of the Temple of the Alliance of Light. It includes the cross as the symbol of the constellation Crux on the southern sky, which we described in great detail related to the Stellar Nation of the Bears. It represents the light-pillars of the Divine LoveDivine LawDivine Mercy and the Divine Will again, just as in the galactic heavenly Temple of Christ.

With that motion, each messenger of light expressed and understood that they would complete their mission according to these four principles and that they would like to use and call for the help of these spiritual rays related to the personal and collective processes of redemption, too.

Then between these pillars, the so-called “Arks” can be seen, which describe very specific missions of fate.

The first one is the community of the Ammon-Híta, where Híta means Ark in the stellar language.

We could translate the expression “Ammon-Híta” as “the community or the ark of the earthly founders”.

The group of the earthly founders united the souls who would always arrive first to certain places in their following incarnations, to become the founders of sacral cultures there. They were the ones to bring and plant those preprogrammed crystals for example, as remembering stones, which they took to distant places as the foundation stones of temples and the anchors of certain spiritual cultures.

Using the consciousness of the Stellar Nations again, we could say that they were the souls who often worked in an elf body and in an alliance with the realm of the fairies, with a special sensitivity towards Mother Earth. They could be the caretakers and feeders of the Earth or such “Crystal Readers” who worked for the fate of the planet, resonating to Gaia’s signals. They are sensitive and they have taken responsibility for the fate of all the other creatures of the planet too.

The second ark is the home of the Monad-Híta community, which we could translate as the group of the “spiritual founders”.

The messengers of light who volunteered to the ark of the spiritual founders were the souls whose undertaken mission was mainly to establish the pathway towards the different spiritual realities. They have been bringing down such sacral spiritual practices, rituals and sparkles of consciousness – hidden into myths maybe – that help the people sense the invisible and bring the divine spheres closer to the beings stuck in the illusion of separateness during the dark ages of oblivion and in the periods of the Galactic Night. The founders of the different religions came from this group too, who tried to guide the seekers to the realms beyond the veil, by the theses and holy rituals they passed on, and tried to connect them with the advices of their own soul.

The third ark gives home to the Rá-Híta community, which we could describe as the group of the “remembering and reminding souls”. They are actually the different level readers of the Akashic Records. Their mission has been to see the past and even the future, as visionaries, fortunetellers and prophets, with the help of different divination tools, to connect the souls and groups of souls with their memories, if they need help.

They have had a very important role in reflecting and making people recognize the many-thousand-year-old karmic patterns, which create the most problems, so that they may finally set out on the journey of indemnification and redemption.

And then finally the fourth ark is the home of the Aion-Híta community. We could call them the “mediators and connections makers, the links between different worlds”. They are centers, gathering focus points, who build temples – usually healing places – and unite the members of the different schools and trends, while on the other hand they are also the messengers, who form bridges between the different cultures, belief systems and religious communities. This is the center, which has to shed light on that cosmic relation that at the end, all roads lead to the same place, and they all search for the same Divine Source of Creation and describe it according to their own spiritual ideas. So this is where all those battles and conflicts of faith could be healed, which had created wars and continuous hostility between the humans, completely senselessly, driving the communities even further away from the Truth and Unity, from the Light, that is.

After all these, a fifth ark can also be seen on the seal of the Alliance of Light, which is the central and most sacred miracle – it is the Ark of the Heart –, which is actually unnamable and it speaks in the inner language of our hearts. So it expresses and transmits the tune of the sound frequencies of our heart vibrations.

This Heart-Híta is the chalice of a lotus-flower of light. It really nicely resonates to our previously released meditation CD, too, where we enter the temple of our heart, which is a twelve-petal lotus flower, with the flame of the altar in the middle. The 12+1 circles of the light-seal, with the altar-stone in the center, represent this twelve-petal lotus flower.

This is the place where we, the Lightworkers, meet through our different religions and destiny-paths, as in the end, all roads lead to the Ark of the Heart, in order for us to recognize one another and create a true unity, because the world can only be healed by that, too.

The symbol of the lotus flower is also important, since a really special journey is revealed in its existence. Its roots were conceived in the swamp of the karmic darkness but through an inner alchemical process, it transforms this darkness into light, and then it unfolds its beautiful petals to the world in a way that it illuminates the secret of how to create light out of the darkness. It is the alchemy of the Heart, in which the karmic chains, mistakes, sins and failures are sublimed into a new life that invokes the purity of the light, by the merciful mystery of Redemption.

After the description of the seal of the Alliance of Light, let us now return to our previous flow of thoughts. This spiritual community was born in such a moment and with such a fate that had been prepared to transform the karmic past of the Solar System into the Light so that the different inhabitants who live here would be able to return home.

Thus the Creative dream imagined a new dream and sent it out into the sphere of the Solar System with the purpose that it should become the home of the collective mystery of Redemption. This is how Gaia, the Planet Earth was born, which had been prepared to become the planet of Redemption according to the original Divine Plan, from the moment of its creation. It is such a planetary-level home-sphere where all the karmic patterns of the previous inhabited planets of the Solar System can be dissolved and redeemed at last.

Furthermore, as we know, it has become such a third dimensional reality where the fate and the beings of all the thirteen stellar nations became involved, with their experiences and destiny codes.

Thus Planet Earth became the home of the Messengers of Light, who had undertaken the task of taking up some of these ancient and many times repeated, difficult karmic patterns themselves, from one life to the other, which they would try to illuminate, transmute and redeem all through their life path, with all their choices and spiritual practices. So the lives they had chosen to live were not some weightless, easy and wonderful journeys but they had volunteered to go through certain karmic charges, faulty and dark emotional and mental patterns – according to their own resonances of course –, and having burnt through the inner hells of those, they would continuously try and make efforts to take even the greatest darkness all the way to the recognition – if possible to the transfiguration, the redemption – in the name of the pure intention and faith working inside of them.  This is how they became the quiet realizers and masters of this Alchemy of the Heart, so that whether the flame of their life rose high to leave a sign for many or they struggled for the light alone, by themselves, there would always be more light and less shadow remaining after them.

Then the ages came – such as the one we are living in, right now – when under the influence of the Photon Belt, we have had the possibility to reach a much higher level of consciousness and beyond the processes of personal redemption, together we can make much wider level collective redemptions happen, too!

But let us return for a thought to the beginning of the pathway of the Lightworkers on a planet that had been created to become their home, as the planet of Redemption.

It was a wonderful recognition for us that the calling of the Lightworkers and the commission to their Divine Fate took place at that exact time when there was an island born in the dream called “the Earth”, which we have often described as Lemuria in our books. So Lemuria became the home of the Messengers of Light. The reason all our memories related to it are so wonderful is because there was truly such a window of light opening up in the process of the galactic history then, when through the ritual of the sanctification of the Alliance of Light, such Lightworkers could be born onto a third dimensional planet, who had awakened to their fate and remembered their stellar roots. So they arrived to realize their most beautiful dreams brought from the higher realms, in which they could rise over the karmic shadows, because they still had all their memories with them and they could still resist the temptations of the lower vibrational shadows. As if they wanted to leave such an experience and life behind as a reference, an eternal memento in the Light, to which they would always adhere in the future, and the spiritual quality of which they would always aim to reach in the ages of Oblivion, too. So they gathered spiritual munitions here, for their lives to come and for the inner and external struggles of the karmic redemption.

This helps us understand all that we have written about Lemuria and the island called Aion-Ara-Celest-Thé-Om in our books, as that was the very first time in this world and during the entire history of the Solar System when we could get so close to the stellar consciousness and to recognizing ourselves in a way that we could actually feel the spiritual pureness that spans the cycles of the karmic repetitions and by which we could feel able to take on the often difficult tasks of the redemption and karmic settlement on the personal and collective levels, too.

The era of Atlantis, which followed the Lemurian time, was much more difficult because according to the Divine Plan, several karmic patterns joined in and Planet Earth, as the globe commissioned with the hope and mission of the Redemption inherited the karmic burdens of the previous planetary histories of the Solar System together with all the diverse shadow-patterns of the relating groups of souls, in order to lift all of these into the Light, if possible, through the 2 + 11-thousand-year cycle that was just starting then.

Then through the millennia of Oblivion further developments and great falls followed, other karmic patterns were activated and lots of repetitions came…

We could also say that while the centuries passed, the Heavens could see that the world of Planet Earth and all of its players just froze into the repetitions of the karmic chains again, unpeacefulness and continuous battles followed, the oblivion became too deep and the illusion of separateness too strong, there were less experiences of the God and the Goddess, and the hope of Redemption began to be lost – and this could lead to a final devastation.

And then the Creator sent the Grand Heavenly and Earthly Master of the Alliance of Light, the Master of the Heart-Híta, so that the earthly community of the Lightworkers would get their second greatest calling and the collective awakening signal that could guide them back into their destiny path, which they had lost in the meantime…

And this master is none but the Christ Soul who called for the Lightworkers and gathered them once more in the celestial Temple of Christ to touch and sanctify them with the ever burning fire of mercy and redemption. Than He implanted the seven Christ seeds within their heart that would lead them through all their earthly journeys and remind them who they really are in the depth of their being.

This is how far the story goes, as the greatest miracle and heart-catharsis this mission contains is the secret of the new meditation CD already, which we would not like to take away from anyone by these words. Let this be the heart-warming surprise of the inner experience, so that everyone may experience that sacred touch and calling, which might be one of the most important memories for him and her too!

We truly wish that this beautiful experience should fill up all the Lightworkers’ hearts and that our destiny should be joined again in this sacred and majestic mission we have together!…

And finally, let us say that the life and the age we are living in right now, is the time of the third calling and commission, which has been happening very intensely since the Harmonious Convergence of 1987.

In the following, please find an excerpt of our book titled Stellar Nations – Soul Families, as a reminder, about the teaching related to theAlliance of Light and the Constitution of the Alliance of Light:

“… In our previous books, we have often discussed the existence and the purpose of the Alliance of the Lightworkers. It is a spiritual community, certain members and emissaries of which take up the mission of becoming the teachers, messengers, prophets, pillars and the group guiding temple-builder emissaries of the plan of the collective redemption through their earthly incarnations, while the members of the other part of this group help in the realization of the Divine Plan of the Ascension and in establishing the necessary energetic processes  from the higher spheres of the planet, keeping their light-body forms.

The community of this giant network of light is based on pillars that are established by an incredibly complex and predefined system of interconnections, chains of relationships, encounters and convergences. Everyone has his or her own place and role and we have to realize the individual steps of the great Heavenly Plan by uniting with one another according to an almost predetermined choreography, in small to great groups. But this whole united dream of returning Home can only and exclusively be realized if each celestial and earthly emissary of light fulfills his or her role, lives his or her designated destiny and remains at his or her originally chosen and accepted place, with complete faithfulness and perseverance going to the extremes; and if each of these souls maintains the representation of the purest and highest vibrational light possible, which can ascend him or herself and the people s/he is entrusted with, towards the Christ Consciousness.

Many different sacral geometrical structures appear within the extensive ethereal network of the Alliance of the Lightworkers, as the mirrors of the different groups. Usually there is a central point of light visible, which marks the soul who in some way becomes the leading, guiding, community-forming and uniting messenger on the spiritual pathway s/he has chosen. S/he is usually surrounded by a group of people arranged in the shape of a triangle, quadrangle (this is the cross formation), pentagram, hexagram and a septegram or maybe a group of twelve or thirteen people, which are encompassed by further and further rings of messengers, in concentric circles. And then these formations of groups have to connect with one another too, forming a perfect organic unity with the life and work of all the other groups, because the Divine Plan has a specific and very precisely defined purpose for each one of the spiritual communities. Thus in the individual communities, there are some links of chains, who enlace their consciousness and the presence of their heart through the life of another community as well, in fact, there are even some souls who connect three communities, standing in a triple junction.

So this means that there are certain people who take up complete commitment towards the given center – which of course does not mean the fetishistic and blind adoration of the spiritual teacher as a guru-, they completely identify with the ideas transmitted by the Heavenly channel that is manifested through the teacher, knowing that those are their spiritual roots. They simply feel like their heart has arrived home in that community and in that spiritual idea and they do not need to search any longer. They know with complete certainty that they are at their place, and they do what they need to do in order to realize their highest possible completeness and their divine fate. Their job is to strengthen, support and surround the given pillar of light with unconditional faith, trust, protection and devotion, so that together they may be the foundation of the ever-expanding spiritual community that evolves around them.

On the other hand, there are some souls who only feel complete by working and taking an active part in two different groups, because their job is to create a bridge between the two concepts and spiritual assemblages. But this does not mean that they are living in a constant inner conflict, comparing the two pathways and ideas all the time; instead, they fulfill their tasks at both places with complete devotedness and the doubled light of their heart, and they truly represent, understand and transmit to the world that these pathways complement each other, as they focus on a different aspect of the Divine reality and Creation and they each represent a different quality of the very same pathway of returning home.

And finally, there may be some souls, who stand in a triple junction and they are able to identify with the sacred pathways of three different roads, three spiritual communities; and they are able to represent all three of those and support them with the same faith, enthusiasm and love. This is a really difficult job, as again this is not about a constant state of perplexity, uncertainty and an anxious pondering, or an inner hierarchy of the roles; instead, it means the balanced representation of three equivalent pathways. This mission demands the tripled light of the heart – and not the dividing of the original love, faith and commitment into three. 100% presence and the absolute fulfillment of the fate are necessary at all the three places.

Of course, those people do not belong to any of these roles yet, who in search of their own self go to numerous places, all kinds of meditations and different religious groups all the time; they try just about everything, get a taste of it all and they keep on switching the top important things they happen to represent very enthusiastically for the moment – until the fire fades away. That is still the phase of searching among the different centers, circles and rings of the Alliance of the Light. When someone arrives to where s/he is supposed to be, according to his or her fate, s/he will know that exactly – from the certainty awakening in his or her heart. And when this happens, the commitment and the sacrifice of time or money needed for the certain courses will never be a problem or a question to the person.

It only is so, if the person does not yet feel the certainty in his or her soul or earthly personality, or if s/he is unable to live by this certainty yet.

When someone finds the place or the places s/he needs to be at, according to his or her original life plan, then usually a sequence of trials comes, where the emissary has to prove his or her faith, devotion, the truth of his or her love and also at what measures s/he is able to rearrange the priorities of his or her life, and whether s/he is able to offer his or her complete self to the task s/he had once undertaken before entering the current incarnation. This period, and the never ceasing trials are also important because at the time of the Ascension – whenever it will be –, steady columns and pillars of light will be needed – for the reasons detailed in our first book – in order for the whole dimensional shift to happen, which has been prepared for so many years, even lifetimes. In this process, each link of the chain and community has to work in perfect harmony, like the cogs in the wheel, none of the supporting pillars can collapse, because that can tilt the entire process.

Therefore the Celestials consider it is better to reveal the falsities, the unreal and not immaculate or selfless intentions, let the motivations of the ones chasing their own success and the ones living with a fake spirituality – a “spare-time spirituality”  – be exposed, and let the weak links drop out before the stakes get really high. In fact and unfortunately it has to be revealed in time also, if someone cannot outgrow the victim role and the cycles of suffering that originate from his or her past – however pure his or her intention and enthusiasm may be – and therefore s/he is not able to accept the redemption and enter his or her presence, and the course of the alternative future that is created together.

The Constitution of the Alliance of the Light is very strict and peremptory concerning this, because the Temple of the Ascension can only be built on unbreakable, extremely powerful, genuine, humble hearts that are capable of the deepest love, which can realize the final sacral motion of the collective redemption! Less then that will not be enough! Only the most will be sufficient!

And the reason we told all this is the emergence of a very serious problem.

That original conflict, which arose between the Serpents and the Bear Teachers and which we have discussed in this chapter, has rooted itself in our present earthly world too, in the form of a latent and indeed sometimes open battling.

Although we have information of many similar conflicts worldwide, we could follow them through in Hungary the most directly, during the past many years, since about 1987-88.

A lamentable and sad picture was unfolded from the Heavenly perspective, which completely clearly revealed that there is a great rival war between the different spiritual trends and groups, between the different healers, teachers, psychics, New Age warriors, etc., who promise further and further instant enlightenments and solutions to the problems, by certain shady magical practices. So the spiritual teachers, who try to protect their spiritual power and who keep a jealous eye on the circle of their disciples often have an envious and hateful attitude towards one another, seeing a kind of dangerous competitor in the persons of the other healers and teachers. Therefore they often launch a campaign to discredit each other, in order to secure their own positions. On the other hand, it is undeniable that in the past 10-15 years, there has been a major dilution in the circle of the people appearing – or pretending to be – in the leading roles of the spiritual circles, but this is the minor problem, as everyone has to decide for him or herself – by the intuition of his or her heart – whom s/he considers creditable, pure and genuine in their love and what they represent, and whether that is truly in the service of the Light.

The real problem is that within the ethereal network of the Alliance of the Lightworkers, it seems as if the spiritual leaders standing in the centers of the smaller units had completely forgotten about the Constitution of the Alliance of the Light and about all the spiritual ethical rules it contains, and also about the mission that can only be accomplished together, and which can be the foundation and the token of the success of our work.

It is not impossible that an invisible and carefully preplanned astral manipulation – which we shall describe at the Nation of the Arthropods ­– might have a great role in this, and also that the conflict between the serpent teachers – who hold the secret mysteries of the Twelve Knowledges –, and the healing and tantric rites of the Goddess and between the bear teachers transmitting the realization of the Seven Wisdoms, has still not been resolved. So they continue this rival struggle for the power even in their present lives.

We have the feeling as if everyone had hardened into this latent battle of forces. There is such a manipulated and uncontrollable traffic of false and distorted information in the spiritual scene that it is almost impossible to know where one is at among them, and keeping oneself pure is even more difficult nowadays.

There are some who have withdrawn and became hermits, simply because they cannot digest the residue of the pathways that deteriorated from the pure dreams of the original concept. Their reclusion means serious losses in the system of the network of course. While unfortunately, others prove to be immature, by breaking the rules and the moral expectations of the spiritual ethics, which can also be shocking. Because we think that at least, the light messengers should be familiar with the precise fate-correctional demands of the karmic rules and they shall know that they should not commit such sins, abuses and go into lies for the mere sake of self-justification against one another, for the indemnification of which fate will enforce them anyway, and they will not be able to avoid that in this present lifetime.

The Celestials revealed that a terrible picture is starting to take shape among the earthly groups of the Alliance of the Lightworkers, due to this ill and distorted attitude. Namely that the groups, which according to the Heavenly fate-map, should be working in complete harmony with and next to one another, respecting and complementing one another – as in this network of the light, each link of the chain of individual groups represents an important and necessary quality according to its specific and unique role -, are often at war with one another!

A global conflict has evolved that is based on jealous rivalry over the disciples and material wealth, discrediting campaigns conceived by envy and many different mean motivations. The structure of the present spiritual scene is by no means different than the character of the worldly, social, political, economic or even military conflicts; so unfortunately it is starting to lose its essential original mission codes!

So all the emissaries of light need to understand that we must awaken from this hazy astral nightmare and we must remember what we have undertaken. We must remember that each pathway and group can have their own place, and even if we know that there are really distorted, false and self-worshipping leaders – the predicted false prophets –, who manipulate the unsuspicious seekers with their own misconceptions and sometimes they even forbid them to search elsewhere-, it is not in our hands to judge this. We should not care about this! Just let us do our own mission, wholeheartedly, with love, devotion and unflagging faith, with the certainty of “I am that I am” and in the meantime, let us cleanse ourselves, and empty our hearts from the stings of the disappointments we have gathered through the past years, and let us see what we have been through since then. Let us recognize one another again, in a much wider circle! Let us restart the building up and let us learn to respect the messengers in the other spiritual centers, who do their job similarly. Let us respect each other’s pathways! As we need to be shaken by the recognition that without each other, the Big Dream cannot succeed at all, because the Plan has been written for all of us! The links of the chain have to connect and we must tear down the walls and create bridges to one another’s pathways and beliefs.

However satisfied a teacher may be with him or herself, no single teacher will gather at least 144 thousand souls with pure Christ Consciousness around him or herself alone! As this critical mass will be born from the completeness of the individual groups scattered around the world, which will have to meet with one another and join in their soul.

But if these groups are encoded by their leaders and members in a way that they all claim to represent the one and only pathway of salvation, as the community of the chosen ones, then they will be unable to connect with one another in honest respect and acceptance when the hour of uniting comes!

Outlining this terrible danger and possibility of failure, the stellar delegation said that only the year 2007-2008 and maybe 2012 is available for the emissaries of light to expel this dark shadow from their souls and to realize the concept of the true uniting and the spiritual quality worthy of the Alliance of the Light, instead of the unpeacefulness of the rival battles.

This is how much time we have, to correct the mistakes we have committed already, and to reconcile with the teachers with whom we might have got into conflict due to this latent war. This is how much time we still have left, to look at one another, in this country and all over the world, in a way that we shall rejoice with a full-hearted honesty at each well working group of light-messengers, on whose shoulders the pillars of the Great Work of Art reside. We must regain our former openness and trust in one another.

The time of the awakening, reconciliation, purification and the renewal of the alliance has come, because without the true joining and the realization of the unitedness, we simply will not be able to move on to realizing the following steps of the Divine Plan, which have been prescribed for the following years. Without these, we will get stuck, and even in the existing groups, there will be signs of falling apart.

We hereby ask and turn to all our sisters and brothers in light, worldwide, with the collective soul-to-soul request that we shall not let our dreams and the hope of the redemption be defeated by the shadow and this dark, fake poison, working from the inside. And there is no fancy miracle, or nothing more needed, we just have to love and respect one another again, timelessly, and beyond all the illusions.

Let us remember the true word of the Mayan greeting, which we also use, for saying farewell at the end of our meetings: In Lak’ech – I am another Yourself!

No more, no less, and this is just perfect!

And finally, let us share the Constitution of the Alliance of the Light, in the original form like we shared it with our disciples in the spring of 2005, as the message and awakening signal of the Galactic Council. Reading these very precisely described lines again, the recognition is almost staggering that we certainly must have received and we must have transmitted this teaching in order to provide some remedy for the severe problems that already existed in our country and our world. We really hope with all our heart that if we look back from the gate of cosmic transfiguration whenever it comes, we will know that we have all managed to become real in the faith of the alliance, as the sanctified emissaries of the Alliance of the Light!”


1.      All the members of the Alliance of the Light should know and respect their own past, present, future and their physical and spiritual being!

2.      All the Aion-ay (emissaries of light) should ascend their life, all their feelings, thoughts and acts into the Temple of their Heart, and they should be able to offer their individual self-interests, desires, expectations and personal motivations for the service of the group and the collective fate of planet Earth, and if necessary, they should be able to sacrifice and let those go, for the sake of the higher purpose revealed.

3.      All the Aion-ay should aim at reaching the Christ Consciousness, through continuous spiritual training, and at expressing the unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness, at all places and times.

4.      All the Aion-ay should recognize their sisters and brothers, they should express their true respect, love and undiminished support towards them, and they should consider it their all-time duty to unselfishly create, strengthen and protect the groups of this Alliance of the Light! 

5.      All the members of the Alliance of the Light must understand the holy concept of the Collective Redemption, in which the existence of the community of the light is always before the personal interests of the individual, by the revelation of the united fate, as the collective interest of the human community realizes the individual interests of the people too, on the highest level. The messenger of the Light can never progress at the expense, or by any kind of offending or damaging of the community of his or her brothers and sisters.

6.      All the members of the Alliance of the Light have been sanctified by the power and the wisdom of the Light, as the creators of the Divine Plan of the Ascension, for which they take complete responsibility, being completely devoted in their personal and collective fate; and if they adhere to this, faithfully, in all circumstances, their pathways will be accompanied by the love, light and blessedness.

7.      All the Aion-ay should constantly seek that sacred pathway, on which they can ascend their human body and consciousness onto the Holy Pathway of the Heart, and through that their life may expand in the infinite and eternal presence of the multidimensional being, where each link of the chain, every individual sparkle of consciousness realizes itself and one another, in the light of the Unity!