In order to preserve equality, there are standard prices and principles set for the healing process, which we would like to introduce briefly in the following:

The session takes around three – three and a half hours .

Before coming to the session, it is useful to go through or even to take notes of your questions and problems , in which you need the Celestials’ help and guidance.

We suggest you to wear comfortable and if possible white clothes when coming to the healing, to express the intention of purification and rebirth yourself, and to prepare for the healing mystery as to a fate-turning sacral ritual. This is not obligatory of course but if you feel like and you resonate to this, please dress your body and soul in ceremonial white.

We kindly ask you to have only a single light meal before the treatment or even better to go on juice fasting or a fruit diet that day.

Please do not eat any food containing onions or garlic, do not drink any alcohol and do not take any drugs for 2-3 days before the session and please reduce the amount of sweets, too.

If possible, please do not smoke for 2-3 hours before starting the session.

This will prepare you energetically for receiving these extremely high vibrational stellar codes.

We suggest you to devote the whole day to yourself completely. Let it be your own day – the celebration of your rebirth, a gift to yourself.

This healing mystery can bring you numerous miracles, to which you can entrust yourself completely. It can release you from many-thousand-year-old karmic chains, it can free your body from the pain and it can give new hope to your soul again, because you can experience that the forces of Creation join for your sake!

The alliance of the 13 rays painted on the sky of Creation unite and touch the pains of our human being, while they illuminate the labyrinth of our life with the light of such a consciousness that can reveal us the pathway to the exit.

The karmic shackles can be dissolved and the necessary steps of fate-correction may be revealed, too.

The possibility of the Miracle resides in all of us and we have all been working on preparing it for many hundreds or even thousands of years. And now the time has come for us to accept it! The time has come for us to receive Mercy, by giving mercy to ourselves, too, and by letting the Divine work of Redemption unfold in our body, our soul and our earthly life!

With all our heart we wish all the souls who suffer or seek help in any way to be touched by this Miracle and be lifted up as high as one can imagine for him or herself!