The field of alternative medicine is well known for approaching matters of health and disease with a holistic viewpoint. Because of this orientation, holistic practioners often find it difficult to accept the methods of modern scientific medicine’s diagnostic approach which primarily extends “downward” — looking at the physical body and matter, seeking answers for disease on focused microcellular and microorganism levels. In contrast, the holistic approach extends “upward and outward” and believes that there is an imbalance in the soul, psyche and emotions, which existed well before the physical disease and then finally came to seat in the physical body as well.

Thus holistic healing sees the body not as the starting point but the end point and believes this understanding should be followed in the process of healing. With this in mind, it is very interesting to monitor the choreography of a disease and to watch the character of the cells that are involved and the way they fight.

In the case of Cancer, the structure and appearance of the tumor cells return to the state that cells exist in during the first seven days after conception – to the first seven days of Creation!  So, tumors consist of cells that express the early embryonic stage of life when the only, and most important, task of the cell is to express and multiply freely without barriers. At this stage the rich potentials of every attribute slumber in them, and yet they are not able to fulfill any specific function. They proliferate and forge ahead with a tremendous impetus, enthusiasm, a sense of omnipotence and with an instinctive acceptance and will for life.

In contrast, although the cells of an adult human organism might vaguely remember this initial sense of omnipotence, we could say that they acquiesce in conforming and adapting to their surroundings according to strict rules. They became socialized, specialized and they attend only the task that they are entrusted with. We could use the analogy that they assume their functions and perform them on a “professional level”. Like a good worker, like a professional with a paid role and daily functions to complete, they carry out their existence. Thus relatively, they accept and expect their ageing and death with less life-affirming zest and less urge towards self-expression. In this stage, cells can begin to accept barriers with a sense of submission. In contrast, the youthful impetus of cancer cells drives them to not only conquer and expand, but they are also not affected by the ageing process in the same way that specialized cells are.

It is always very interesting to see that on the biological level these more primitive cells – and pathogens, too, like viruses that are at a lower point of evolution and organization–can bring the more highly developed, maturated, organized cells under their dominion. These disorganized cells can enforce their “lawlessness” on the more organized cells, over-riding them, feeding and multiplying using all the biological resources of the more functional cells until these more organized cells enter a state of a total submission…

On another level, a similar thing can happen to humans who become highly socialized and blend into their surroundings. Over time, their sense of self can break down as they slowly give up resisting to imposed norms and ideas. With this acquiescence, they give up the motivation towards self-fulfillment and they accept the barriers around them and submit to serving their surroundings. They are kind, conforming, tolerant humans, often just doing their “duties” without a word. They became “self-surrenders” giving up and forgetting about their special, unique and irreproducible selves. They do not fight, do not yell, do not revolt because they are afraid of losing the love and approval of the people around them.

Of course these precepts may not be true in every aspect of a patient’s life but they are likely true in certain segments of their life. While they keep quiet, bear circumstances, and do not revolt – their cells will revolt, instead of them – somewhere in the depth of their body. There is a certain moment, when the bound, enraged, hurt and over-regulated river of feelings breaks through the dams of suppression and makes a way for itself. Some part of this soul wants to be free, and by this point, this urge to release successfully from such constriction, must express itself in an aggressive, selfish way– almost blindly—in a response that that man or woman never dared have before.

It is also very interesting that with this reaction the immune system of the organism seems totally powerless. It should be noted that a tumor can be growing for years and it is not until it contains millions of cells that it can be detected and becomes visible through imaging processes (X-ray, CT, MRI, Ultrasound etc.). So unbeknownst to them, the functional cells of these people may have been under the sway of the renegade cells for a long while already. Meanwhile, in their outward daily life, they use up the energy of their immune systems by swallowing insults and by handling persistent conflicts with conformism, by allowing opportunism, and by continuing the attitude of self-sacrifice in serving others. Giving up one’s personal needs and desires can often bring a soul to an invisible and mute state of depression and our cells experience this as well, thus we are not able to defend ourselves anymore.

In holistic medicine every body organ has a symbolic role to which different emotional and mental patterns can be assigned. With this insight it is possible to discover and understand more about what the long-standing and persistent conflict, emotional imbalance, or deep hurt needs to express. In thinking about the organ where the tumor originates, we might gain insight into the “why” of its occurrence.  We can also examine how our repressive attitude activates a malignant way of handling an issue. Somatization–the physical manifestation of psychological concerns—can result in tumor growth.

Without intending to give an extensive list, here are some examples of where certain psychological or mental states

might tend to manifest in the body.


Breast cancer: Since this organ is responsible for feeding, perhaps the women is frustrated by not being able to express her care and concern. This might be correlated with a long-standing resentment, disaffection or displeasure with a partner. She may feel that her love and nurturance is rejected by the partner, offspring or other people or things that she gives to. This makes her to feel that she is no longer needed, and these feelings form “nodules” and cysts in her breast.

Genital malfunction and genital cancers often derive from a repressed sex life – sexual dissatisfaction, rejection, humiliation, shame and guilt following sexual abuse, or from the unresolved disappointment and anger after being a victim of infidelity. Or it might be related to aspects of maternity, womanhood/manhood, and the frustrations arising from the very complex issues of sexual expectations and frustrations. And, this being the sacral center, a cancer here can be related to a deep suppression of one’s personal creativity and uniqueness.

A primary tumor of the liver often stems from a long-standing repression of anger, or the presence of a very deep guilt energetic by which the individual punishes themselves. The punishment might be direct–or indirect, by letting others hurt them. Thus the liver is no longer able to neutralize and eliminate the toxin of bitterness or other low vibrational emotions.

Cancers of the digestive system can be connected to difficulty with accepting, processing and releasing certain emotions. “I’ll never be able to digest that–it irritates me constantly and quietly rages inside me…. It eats away at me… I cannot let go and release…I cannot express….”

Disease in the area of the kidneys can reflect depressing emotional energies and fears which have existed for a long time and cannot be secreted and released. “I allow them to poison me and most of my fears are attached to this in my everyday life.” As the kidneys are also karmic organs, they often recall and present previous similar experiences. As a paired organ, they very often collect heavy emotions related to unresolved issues with partnership.

Cancer of the thyroid gland, or the larynx, or in the throat area, may indicate that we “swallowed too much” — and have been doing so for too long–and now, it’s become stuck in our throat. Since we could not, did not, express ourselves verbally, could not speak our anger, feelings or demands, this has blocked our throat.

Pancreatic cancer can be related to carrying anxiety, low self-esteem, uncertainty and doubt. It can reflect an indecisive and tentative attitude which is experienced very deeply, silently and almost permanently–and as this buried inner freeze does not allow for the feeling of any sweetness in life, it has also consumed our ability to enjoy life.

Disease in the area of lungs can generate from the energy of grief, sorrow or a deep sense of loss, which has been carried for a long time. The moments that we have denied life, and have not responded with a true sense of self, collect here as well. Our lungs inhale life-giving oxygen, which is in fact love itself, thus the lack of this love turns into depression and burdens our cells energetically in this area.

These are just some examples of course, and the root cause of our emotional and mental conflicts needs to be examined individually. To realize that there is also a larger emotional and soul component to a manifested disease and to be willing to examine that pattern and eventually release it, is the first step to self-healing.

There is also another important distinction to be made here. That is, the distinction between curing and healing. We could say that curing happens when the physical body is able to rectify the imbalance. Healing is when the imbalance is cleared on of the levels of the soul, emotions and psyche. Sometimes there is deep healing and the body does not cure. Still in holistic medicine we can consider this healing a true victory as the battle is won for our Soul. But, let us continue to explore how healing can extend to curing the body as well…

First, once the particular pattern of submission is recognized, change should take place in the related area of our life and in our inner responses and attitude.  It is not enough to just come to understand the inner reasons that may have contributed to the disease manifesting. There must often be necessary specific, practical, and often even very drastic changes, generated for each given person or situation.

From a holistic viewpoint, it is very important to extend our understanding and to start to believe in the power of the soul, and most of all in believing that the power of love is greater than the pathologic process expressed in our body. Different visualization and meditation practices can be very effective in creating this profound transformation. We need to seek the ways and the support that allow us to feel release, relief, freedom–because we can gain energy for our healing from these feelings and situations.

We also need to become very conscious of our thoughts, as we must not burden our body with one single self-destructive thought anymore. We must release self-reproach, self-criticism, and the immense expectations of our surroundings which can almost hypnotize us. We need to believe that the enjoyment of life – its beauty and small everyday joyous moments – are legal and we are allowed to immerse into them. Moreover, we must know that they are in greater harmony with the purpose of our Soul than our ceaseless work and sacrifices. We need to reclaim our creativity, with which we can reweave the golden thread between the dream of our Soul and our consciousness and body. It is necessary and worth it to work and change on the multiple levels of ourselves. Detoxification is needed on each level.

Thus our body is really a very important and special stage upon which we are presented with a very important crossroad at the moment the diagnosis is set. The big question is—will we take the road that supports our life force instead of staying on the path of renouncement and compromise?! Can we turn this time towards our own selves with an infinite tenderness, love and acceptance? Can we assert our claim for ourselves relentlessly, seemingly in an even selfish manner? Do we dare to rebel, or do we just wait for the “fulfillment of destiny” with a quiet surrender of giving up?

Because if we can stake our claim on the stage of life, partnership, family, workplace etc., then we distract and withdraw the energy from the conquering campaign that is taking place in our physical body.

This crossroad and inner decision helps explain the well-known fact that out of two patients with the same type of cancer in the same stage one of them heals while the other does not. One of them chooses to react as a “revolutionary”, expressing her or his repressed aggression, fighting for themselves and against the renegade oppressors. The other may feel that s/he has no power to defy and stand up for her inner needs, but rather wants to relax and continues to obey the deep cellular submission happening on the inside. S/he chooses to postpone and transfer this task for a next lifetime. These are soul choices and are to be respected. The purpose of this article, though, is to emphasize that when we think more broadly and holistically about disease, and in this case the process of tumor growth, we can realize that we have these levels of choice in how we respond to it.

In reading these thoughts, you might also wonder about the many younger children who get cancer. They have not necessarily lived enough of life to fall into the deep inner patterns of submission that cause the loss of self. One can still correlate that this supports the holistic view that disease originates from an imbalance in the soul, emotions or psyche. It may be that a soul who chose to delay the task of balance for another lifetime, calls it up early in their present life. We have found that most cancer disease in children is a reflection of karmic issues brought from an earlier lifetime. And even though is always heartbreaking and probably the hardest thing to cope with for the loving and caring parents, it is usually a pre-planned mission to be there like angelic loving companions with their beloved children to help them through this heavy karmic release and deep healing, whatever the result and outcome may seemingly be.

I say all this with a feeling of infinite love and non-judgement, realizing that one needs to take heroic and tremendous effort to make the choices that make this revolution happen. When this is done successfully the healing can be a really transcendent experience, a homecoming, and a true uniting with the Creator’s Oneness. That is why, with the engagement of the body and soul, we often see that the healing creates the feeling of an ecstatic spiritual accomplishment and usually brings a very deep self-knowledge. It can be as if one is returning to life from the edge of the chasm of death. They have traveled through not just the deepest human fragility and smallness with the necessary humility and acceptance, but sometimes must also meet with the dark side of the human psyche. And yet, this is how the greatest Divine Light can be revealed. Through the healing we come to experience the touch of Grace. We need to be receptive to Grace and allow it to be expressed to our own selves by accepting Mercy, forgiving ourselves for our weaknesses and mistakes, and by then imagining ourselves as able to re-birth from our ashes and create new dreams, new goals.

And it is of no distinction which religion, philosophy or holistic path we choose for this; as we heal ourselves with the greatest power of all – which of Love. In relation to this – and to reduce a bit our horror and fear regarding cancerous diseases – we must understand that this is not by any means about a Divine penalty or other punishment. It does not mean we were not good enough. On the contrary, we were “too good” in a certain part of our life; as we sacrificed and renounced too much from our Soul and life plan for others sake and often for tiny alms in return. This had led us to forget about our real values and our unity with God, ending up in the scary illusion of abandonment and separation from God. Thus the disease, as the alarming signal and healing process, would like to lead us Home into this sacred experience of being embraced by the Creator’s endless love and acceptance. It needs to be recognized, too, that this depth of soul healing can happen even if the body cannot reclaim itself from the disease and dies.

While we know exactly that the experience and the suffering in a cancerous state is much less majestic and sublime than these words, we have also seen this profound understanding and re-gained inner knowledge shining in those human eyes who have recovered from a tumor disease; the power of re-seeing and a “rebirth” experience which cannot be taken away lives in them. They no longer hurt themselves, they are not unmerciful and careless with their bodies anymore, neither with their own demands. Moreover, there is no selfishness and fighting urge – which is needed sometimes at the beginning – in them anymore. Now they are in balance, humbled by the truth revealed by their body and soul, and they express in silent awe and integrated glory how life can be lived—as an unrepressed, engaged relationship with the Creative force.

While we, around them can only learn with the deepest respect and humility from their path, remembering that it is much easier to change and awake before our body would choose to rebel.

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel

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English translation by: Gabor Beke

Editing by: Leslie Shankman and Dr. Beatrix Czeizel

Addendum by Leslie Shankman:

As I edited this article, I did so with an insider’s sensitivity. I can exactly understand the point that Dr. Beatrix Czeizel is making since the choice she wants us to be aware of exactly summarizes the path that my soul opened up to when I was diagnosed with a very aggressive high grade uterine cancer in 2003 (which was well before I first heard of Dr. Czeizel and her work in 2013). I was “invaded” by a cell type that is highly recurrent, usually able to be “managed” for a period of years, but not “banished”. I was blessed to experience a cure of my physical body and a profound healing of the inner imbalances of my larger being.

As one who has walked this path, I am also deeply sensitive to all the mixed messages that immediately assail us as soon as the diagnosis is received and we are faced with the choice to dive into this profound level of inner exploration. Indeed, finding one’s way among all the advice and opinions from everybody and from the scientific and alternative medical communities and the various spiritual approaches is exactly the larger path of healing that Beatrix asks us to become aware of. Because amid all these clamoring insistent, loving, fearful and sometimes patronizing voices that ask the patient to conform to their prescription for cure, the true healing comes from discerning what, among the choices, one feels they can deeply align with. To heal, I found that I had to follow the methodologies that aligned with my inner truth…but I saw that the disease itself came from not knowing my inner truth! So the process itself gave me the urgency of being at the edge of the chasm, at the choice for life or death, providing the impetus to really look for my inner truth… and then to stage that inner revolution that Dr. Beatrix Czeizel speaks of, by living into it.

In editing this, many other thoughts came to mind, as current considerations and as memories of the orientation that emerged for me. I feel that in this discussion, it is not possible to ignore the fact that as modern life advances and statistics show that cancerous disease strike as many as one out of two people in some parts of the world, we can take the premise of the above article further. In light of the onslaught of ever increasing environmental toxins in the form of chemicals, radiations and frequencies that disrupt our physiological processes, the logical question arises — “How can we say that tumor growth reflects an inner submission when we are literally victims of poisons that confuse cells and cause aberrant growth?”

It is Gaia herself, who is not only our planet but is the larger body of us, who also has many “tumorous diseases’ all over her surface. Any site where the natural biological order has been disrupted results in an imbalance that sets up a “dominion over” by chaotic disorder. And it does not escape my observation that a cancer laden human body reflects just this, as well. With the deforestation of the jungles, for instance, thousands of species of plant and animal life are eradicated. That local effect becomes global when the lack of rainforests then disrupts the cycle of moisture that feeds into the circulatory system of the atmosphere, causing severe drought and degradation on other parts of Gaia’s body. The examples are endless and we know of them all too well at this point.

Humanity itself is at a crossroads…can we recognize that on some level we are collectively living in hypnotized state of submission? In the book, Blessed Unrest, author Paul Hawkins believes that humanity is waking up and responding. He tells the story of the good in the world. In this book, Hawkins charts the millions of local civil movements emerging across the planet and he aptly terms these impassioned uprisings by small groups of people as “humanity’s immune response to toxins and pathogens like political corruption, economic disease, and ecological degradation.”

Now taking this larger correlation down to the personal again—ironically, perhaps, part of the way I gave myself permission to start to receive love and all good things for myself was by seeing myself as a component of the larger healing that needs to happen. (Ha!… I figured out a way to stay with that altruistic bent towards service in a way that didn’t mean the death of me but became part of the source of life in me…).  As I went through each treatment and processed things through my body, I would see myself as being in a yoke. Although the image of a yoke may not be very inspiring, it was in alignment for me because I imagined that if I could change the patterns of anger and misunderstanding that existed in the laboratory of my body and being, I could offer that as a cleared pathway into the collective response. Hence the yoke for me meant that I was part of bigger effort of souls who wanted to do this, thereby pulling in a new pattern. If enough of us with cancer could do that, I thought, we could contribute to a tipping point in the larger mass consciousness. And in my experience there is definitely a segment of cancer patients who respond in this way. It seems that a diagnosis of cancer does bring out the “noble fight” in some.


Indeed, the disease of cancer seems to be somewhat of a lightning rod in public awareness. It always struck me as quite wonderful, but also massively unfair, that patients with cancer seem to be disproportionally treated with such consideration and often abundant love by others. I recall going for a radiation treatment on some kind of Cancer Awareness Day and being given a bouquet of daffodils. There were boxes and boxes of bouquets in the Center that day for distribution to anyone getting a treatment. And this was a national effort, funded from somewhere. I received the flowers with gratitude but could not help but think of the invisibility of other diseases such as my friend suffering for years with advancing Multiple Sclerosis and the utter lack of support and understanding that she encountered in her daily life.


I would hypothesize that cancer elicits such a response because we are all, on some level consciously or unconsciously, afraid of it. We are afraid of the” dominion over” that it reflects. We are afraid of the extent that we have submitted to renegade influences that are killing our bigger body of Gaia.


Well, you can see this is a complex issue and there is much to say! But I experienced the understanding that Beatrix offers to us in her article and feel that if you or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, it is the start of a journey– a journey that no one would choose to take–but nevertheless it is a journey that can offer many meaningful choices.


Blessings All*Ways,