The Gifts of the Stars – for Children I-II. (HUNGARIAN language)




A beautiful meditation package has been born, it is called “The Gifts of the Stars – for Children I-II.”. We intended it mainly for children this time, so that the many secrets and spiritual gifts of the teachings of the Stellar Nations may be available for them as well. The children’s memory carries these sacral encounters very deeply, and they accept these spiritual experiences with a natural ease. These inner experiences can bring great strength and a sense of security for them in our 3rd dimensional world of much uncertainty.


I. Journey to the Sanctuary of the Guardian Angels, to the Land of the Keepers and to the Lake of Wishes

In this meditation, the travelers have the possibility to meet with their Guardian Angels, whom they can invoke at any time after this special recognition. Then they are guided to the “Land of the Keepers”, where they can be relieved from all their current anxiety, fear, anger and frustration and they can really feel free and feel strong again. Finally, their souls are reached by a wonderful calling, upon which the heavenly Unicorn guides them into the “Garden of Dreams” and to the “Lake of Wishes”, to teach them how to create and how to make their dreams come true.

The entire journey is very positive, supportive and it helps in stress release. It is no problem, if the little children feel like it is a “bedtime story”, after which they can fall asleep, embraced by the love of an overall sense of security. (It can even happen that mommy and daddy fall asleep in the same peacefulness if they listen to the meditation together, because the Inner Child within all of us may also need healing…)

II. Journey to the Healing Sanctuary, to the Land of the Messengers and to the Mountain of Courage

In this meditation, we first travel to a wonderful heavenly Healing Sanctuary filled with tender light. On the specially tuned crystal bed there, all the current physical pain and disease pattern can be released and replaced by the inner program of health. We wanted to create a healing journey with spiritual tools for children that would resolve the sense of vulnerability and truly relieve the symptoms, while it can also help to achieve emotional peace. In the following steps, a Heavenly Pegasus messenger arrives to help in delivering an untold message. And finally, this inner flight guides the travelers to the “Mountain of Courage”, so that through a wonderful ritual, they can draw strength for the self-confident completion of the tasks that lie ahead of them.

This meditation pathway is also very positive, it provides strength and it helps to relieve the stress – and it can even help in the healing process on the physical level with acute and chronic illnesses. It is not a problem if the little children feel like this journey is a “bedtime story”, too, after which they can fall asleep, in the sense of security and deep love, and we trust that their symptoms can also be relieved during any possible disease.

We truly hope that with these special meditations, we can offer help for the children as well, who have to grow up today as an extremely endangered generation.


It is hard to define the ideal age for working with these inner paths, because children can work with them from the age of 4 to about 15-16, but these meditations can be joyful for adults with childlike souls, too. This needs to be decided mainly by the parents. It is also possible that during a therapy session, the children travel through the chosen mystical pathway, while the therapist does his or her own work, so we can help them in the healing and in finding the emotional balance with an even increased sufficiency. This meditation package could even be used in alternative preschools as well. It would be nice to inspire the children to speak about, write down or draw their experiences that make these journeys even more real.

With love,

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Cover artwork by Emese Szabados, based on the artworks by Elle Arden and Shamain

Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke, licensed by and stock media provided by


(We would like to ask everyone again to order and use our work only for personal purposes, please do not duplicate it or forward it to others, and please respect the cosmic principle of mutual energy exchange. Thank you)

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