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Meeting with the Realm of our Soul-trees – the Enchantment of the Fairies’ Garden (HUNGARIAN language)




This meditation is especially for people with fairy-souls and those with the heart of a child. This is for the souls who walk their spiritual path in complete dedication to the protection of Mother Earth’s treasures; those who live with childlike innocence, openness and pure sensitivity as they walk among the wonders of nature on this beautiful planet, those who meet the world with such respect, gratitude and joyful amazement that it enables their hearts to sense the colorful reality beyond the visible. These souls remember the times when humans still lived in unbroken alliance with nature and thus the fairies, elves, nymphs, mermaids and other mystical creatures walked freely among us and our hearts lived knowing the impulses from the spirits of nature; the devas and the earth-elementals.

In this meditation we enter the magical garden of the Fairies on the higher planes where guardians called Longhoriads (in fairy languge) plant a tree for all of us at the moment of our birth. Aided in our exploration by mantras and expressions in Fairy languge, we visit our tree and examine it entirely. Following the magical spell and wisdom of the Longoriads we enter inside the tree and discover the secrets of this pure and beautiful mirror of our being. We can experience a deep healing through our Soul-Tree.

The key to living these secrets lies in the wisdom of the Stellar Nation of the Birds, so those who have recognized these roots while reading our book “Stellar Nations – Soul Families” will surely be very happy to re-experience this mystery and meet with the crystal-clear mirror of their Soul Tree in the heavenly garden of the fairies; to once again take in the ancient mantras and prayer-like magic spells that reside in the healing miracles of the fairies…

The Miracle is all around us, we just have to learn to see with our hearts again!

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