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Protecting the Nervous System and the Secret of Restoring the Memory (HUNGARIAN language)




Many of you have probably noticed the unpleasant phenomenon that memory problems have been occurring more frequently lately, as if it was much harder to recall simple data, names and memories. These can be caused by a complex interaction of numerous factors in the background and of course, in most cases, these are not the early signs of the Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. One of the reasons is that in the past 20 years, there has been a global artificial electromagnetic energy field created around the planet and we have been living in the crossfire of different radiofrequency radiations. Among these, the wireless 3G, 4G and now the extremely dangerous and anti-life microwave radiation of the 5G systems put an almost unbearable burden on the human nervous system and on all living organisms.

These invisible but globally extensive radiations drastically interfere with the synapses of the nervous system, the natural process of impulse transmission.

The other significant change is that in addition to the everyday human interactions, we are reached by billions of impulses through the platforms of the internet and social media, and all the applications of the cell phones in our hands. Our senses and nervous system is supposed to receive and interpret all these signals. But since this is a nearly impossible task, a unique self-defense mechanism can be born, the symptoms of which include mental exhaustion and the early narrowing of the memory – in addition to headaches, dizziness, feeling depressed, vision problems, sleepiness or its opposite, insomnia.

This inner meditation pathway teaches how to create a powerful defense shield around our nervous system and our entire energetic system. It also uncovers the secret of how to turn back the symptoms of forgetfulness and memory problems, and how to regain complete power over your memories, expelling all the mind manipulating effects as well.

It teaches you how to take back the real abilities of the creative human mind, so that you can regain control over your life, over the knowledge and the memories you have acquired.

 Additionally, this guided meditation can be helpful in cases of the Alzheimer’s disease and early dementia, but of course, only as a supplementary alternative tool, which does not intend to be a substitute for professional medical treatment.


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó

Voice: Dr. Beatrix Czeizel

Price: 20$, MP3 digital version

Cover artwork by Agsandrew, Shutterstock

Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke, licensed by RoyalteFreeMeditationMusic.com and stock media provided by Pond5.com

Sante di Om Mudra mentioned in the mediation

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