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Who is With Us? – The Celestial Communities of the Alliance of Light – ebook (pdf)


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Who is With Us? – The Celestial Communities of the Alliance of Light

“We invite you to the magical world of the Grand Interstellar Community known as the Alliance of Light. Every Lightworker can find a home in some aspect of the Alliance, and by exploring the different functions of this Alliance we can truly understand that we are called to complete our individual and collective fate as part of a monumental evolutionary thrust, lifting Gaia and the collective of humanity into a 5th dimensional expression of living.

The Alliance of Light has members who have chosen to incarnate in the reality of Planet Earth, working from this third dimensional plane, while there are other Celestial Sisters and Brothers whom we can only perceive with our inner senses and who have been helping us from Earth’s 4th and 5th dimensional planes for thousands of years.

And now a further invaluable chain of teaching has come in the 2021 Year of the Holy Spirit, revealing in much greater depth what it means to be an incarnated Emissary of Light – what mission codes guide us, what celestial communities are working with us for the same common goal?

In knowing all this we can truly feel that we are not alone on our spiritual journey. With this knowledge we can find our own role more consciously as we see how and where we fit into this matrix, gaining a deeper understanding of our own unique gifts and offerings. We can then call on our Celestial partners in a focused and aware way. And we can discern the inspirations they pass on to us with greater sensitivity.

With this sharing we offer preparatory information and practical guidance that helps us walk forward together. Seeing the grand matrix of Light and support that we are a part of can help us fulfill our commitment as Earthly Emissaries of Light for the next Gate of Ascension.

And just what is our sacred mission together? We have been blessed by the insights of the Holy Spirit, contained herein, to understand all this more deeply and, in response, we can rise to the calling!”

Let us be the true hearted Emissaries of Light who can serve and create together the big dream and fate alternative of the Ascension and planetary dimensional shift!

Thank you for sharing this announcement in advance!

Love and blessings to you

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel&Anikó Greskó


Price: 28$

E-book (PDF), 206 pages

Cover image: Emese Szabados

Edited: Leslie Powell Shankman


(Once again, we would ask that, respecting our work, please order this spiritual material only for your own use and respect the cosmic principle of remuneration! Thank you.)



Table of Content

I – The Story of the Alliance of Light and the Mission of its Members in the Fate of Gaia

II – The Calling of the Alliance of Light

III – Current Considerations

IV – The Constitution of the Alliance of Light

V – Seal of the Alliance of Light

VI – Who is With Us? – The Celestial Communities of the Alliance of Light – The Ammon-Hítá Community

VII – Monad-Hítá Community

  • The Théos community
  • The Man’Dala community
  • The Estellion community
  • The Lohengé community
  • The Luminátá community
  • The Márion community
  • The Hall

VIII – The Rá-Hítá Community

IX – The Aion-Hítá Community

X – The Heart-Hítá

XI – When the Message landed on Earth – The „Second Coming of Christ en masse”



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