The Sacred Ritual of Space Clearing (HUNGARIAN language)




2018, the year of the Stellar Nation of the Birds, has gifted us with one more treasure – the secret and wisdom of Space Clearing and Space Harmonizing, through the eyes of Mother Earth and her gracious winged creatures.

It is very important to know that many pain and fear-elementals gather in the space around sickbeds or in any place where there is ongoing suffering or repeated sickness such as the bedroom of a person with nighttime anxiety or fear of death, or around people suffering from panic attacks. These elementals only have rudimentary consciousness and thus they are not capable of changing the content they hold. Therefore, they keep generating that certain pain or fear pattern in a space even when a person is no longer experiencing those feelings.

It is the same with grief accompanied by deep emotional pain and also with the energy formations created by different strong emotions such as rage, fury or verbal aggression.

This space clearing treasure even deals with the question of curses and the possibility of clearing those from our life spheres.

In the first part of this newly released material we share the theoretical background of this space clearing method which allows us to clearly understand what the meditation is about. This also enables the listener to prepare the identified space for this wonderful ritual.

The second part is a guided meditation which takes us through the unique and powerful sacred ritual, through which all harmful and weakening energy formations – pain, fear, depression or rage elementals — can be discharged from our home, our healing space or from our workplaces.

We hope this wonderful space-clearing ceremony will bring Blessing, Light and Love to all spheres of life!

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel &Anikó Greskó


Cover Artwork: The Sacred Ritual of Space Clearing by Emese Szabados

Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke, licensed by and stock media provided by


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