Understanding the messages of our ©Antares Codes – ENGLISH language




Understanding the messages of our ©Antares Codes – the process of analyzing the stellar messages hidden in our natal or solar return Antares Codes

An online lecture given by Dr. Beatrix Czeizel

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

We would like to share this online lecture that was recorded as a conversation with our Stellar Nation Sisters living at the West Coast USA, for the request of our curious deeply committed satellite group in Bellingham led by Leslie Shankman (our editor and author of our Stellar Nation Blog). Beside working with the Stellar Nations – Soul Families book since 2012 they are now working a lot in deepening their knowledge and understanding of how to interpret and decode the messages hidden in the stellar conjunctions.

Thus we wanted to help their and now everyone’s inner work with this one hour teaching given on that intimate intuitive process and show you how to step inside the ethereal map drawn by the planetary and stellar conjunctions at the gate of our birth to speak of our life plan, our karmic past and our whole galactic history.

(As it is a home recording, a spontaneous flow of thoughts this is not a studio CD quality but in exchange you can feel a part of this lecture yourself, being close to us as if sharing our ideas face to face…)


Price: $20

Duration: 60 minutes

Language: English


We hope that you’ll enjoy this teaching and find it helpful for your own self-discovery journey!



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