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Initiating Journey through the Pillars of Christ Consciousness… (HUNGARIAN language)




Initiating Journey through the Pillars of Christ Consciousness…

In this inner journey, we would like to focus on one of the evergreen subjects of the Lightworkers’ life, which must be the central element of our entire spiritual path. It is the idea of the Christ Consciousness, the qualities it represents and the pathway of reaching the heart-consciousness, which is connects to it. We presented this wonderful and grand teaching in detail in our book “Calling You”, which guides all through the levels of the teachings and gives a deep explanation of the pillars of the Christ Consciousness through the stories of beautiful parables.

We know that as Lightworkers, we may only be completely prepared for the process of the Ascension if we manage to attune our hearts and consciousness all the way up to the vibration level of the Christ Consciousness. Therefore, in this meditation and initiatory experience, we would like to share an opportunity for a deep heart-healing process. We set out on a special inner pilgrimage and visit the stars of the Big Dipper, one by one, to measure the virtue of the given Wisdom of Christ in each gate. In the meantime, we let the Christ Soul and the Holy Spirit touch, attune and cleanse us. In this initiating stellar pathway, we place our heart on the scale on the altar of each of these seven consequent and coherent stellar sanctuaries, to see if we have managed to reach the purity and realness that is “as light as a feather”. …


The meditation consists of two parts, in the first of which we share the spiritual background information, the central thread of the related teachings. In the second part, the actual meditative initiation journey takes place.


We trust and hope that this high vibrational, pure spiritual discovery journey will bring wonderful experiences to many souls!

With love,

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


A duble CD/2 MP3-as files: 8800 Ft

Cover: Szabados Emese

Music: Christopher Lloyd Clarke, RoyaltyFreeMeditationMusic.com és a Pond5.com által értékesített zenei elemek és effektek

(Once again, we would ask that, respecting our work, you order this spiritual material only for your own use and respect the cosmic principle of remuneration! Thank you)