Pegasus Healing Stellar Pathway amongst the Pillars of the Sky (HUNGARIAN language)




Pegasus Healing Stellar Pathway amongst the Pillars of the Sky

We could learn from the teachings of the Stellar Nations that one of the most important stations from the celestial initiation pathway of the Pegasus messengers is made up by the five great stellar portals of the constellation Cassiopeia, which actually carry five different mission codes.

This very special stellar journey leads through the gate in the middle, so through the portal of Gamma Cassiopeiae we can start out on a special healing mission in which by the help of the Celestials, we can firstly rescue the particle of our soul that got stuck in the passive and undead state of pain, sorrow and oblivion.

And then the moment can assign us with a mission in which we can embark on a similar healing service for someone we love or care for, so we may become the Pegasus messenger who will reconnect his or her soul-particle that is stuck in the shadow with the Light and the promise of the new life.

We would like to call the attention of all those interested that this meditation should only be experienced by those Lightworkers who have already read our book Stellar Nations – Soul Families, because that contains the consciousness and spiritual keys necessary for this inner journey!

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