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Cleansing the pathogenic microbial elementals – Antimicrobial Spiritual Healing (HUNGARIAN language)




Niomé would like to provide another immensely powerful helping tool to humanity with this meditation. In this journey, using her method which we shared in the teachings of the Stellar Nations, she is able to generate a special energy field around us. Transmitting her spiritual command through this unique Anti-grid energy field, she can eliminate the different disease-causing elementals from our body and aura. In this way Niomé offers us a spiritual and energetic method by which we can stop the spread of infectious agents from any viral, bacterial, fungal or other disease causing micro-organisms. This enables us to completely eliminate and discharge pathogenic, weakening microbes from our body. We can use this inner healing pathway in cases of acute diseases such as bronchitis, tonsillitis, flu, colitis, cystitis, otitis media etc. and also against chronic latent infections. It can even be very useful for prevention.

With the use of this meditation, we hope that we can provide help to many in overcoming different infections with a fast recovery.

(We would like to emphasize that we ask you to order this meditation only if you have already read our book “Stellar Nations – Soul Families” so you clearly understand who Niomé is and how she can help us. Additionally you should first listen to our CD “The Ritual of Operating the Personal and Planetary Anti-Grid with the Power of Niomé”. While we realize all these meditations are offered here only in Hungarian, we can share that while the conscious mind may not know exactly what is being said, one’s Higher Self is able to work effectively with the intent and energy of these meditations, especially once you know Niome from reading the Stellar Nations.)


Cover artwork by Emese Szabados “Cleansing the pathogenic microbial elementals”

Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke, licensed by RoyalteFreeMeditationMusic.com and stock media provided by Pond5.com

Digital version, mp3

Hungarian language

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