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Overcoming our Fears, Pains and Addictions by the Power of Niomé (HUNGARIAN language)




With this meditation, we would like to add a tool to the spiritual means of handling and overcoming fear, long-held patterns of suffering and addictions. It leads us through a very special inner path. Along this journey, Niomé teaches us to “see through her eyes” and by armouring us with her great power, she helps us to confront the real roots and reasons of the physical, energetic and emotional processes, which create our biggest problem, fear, panic attacks, pain or suffering. Through an extremely powerful spiritual declaration and energetic resolution, we learn to overcome and completely cleanse those emotional elementals and destructive energetic formations from our body and energy field, which have anchored and triggered our symptoms until now.

This is an inner journey that takes great resolution, maturity and confrontation skill, but it provides us with wonderful strength. Listening to it regularly can induce very serious changes and healing in the related life themes.

We would like to emphasize again that we ask everyone to order this meditation only if they have read our book called “Stellar Nations – Soul Families”, thus they exactly understand who Niomé is and how she can help us, and also who have listened to our CD titled “The Ritual of Operating the Personal and Planetary Anti-grid with the power of Niomé”.

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel & Anikó Greskó

Cover artwork by Emese Szabados – The Secret of Overcoming Fear with the Light-sign of Niomé

Digital version, mp3

Hungarian language

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