The second key to the Process of Creation (HUNGARIAN language)




In the process of activating and healing our creative power, the second key was formed by those teachings and experiences, which we received through the unraveling of the Mysteries of Christ.

As it turned out that the series of lives we had experienced in the belief system of Christianity could still have a strong effect even today – on how we are able to handle the money-energy and to accept abundance, material wealth and security.

As there might be numerous religious belief patterns, which constrain us unconsciously and barricade the work of our creative energies like a forbidding code. Beyond these, the pathway of our material wealth and prospering could be obstructed by the still active ethereal seals of some oaths of poverty and by the charges of other karmic compensations. We can make the resolution, healing and final clearing of all these happen now through this powerful journey inside, while we can send forth such important postulates – like spiritual commands – into our life, which can truly open a new chapter on the scene of our creative processes.

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