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Stellar Codes – Inner Journeys across the Stellar Realms of the Pleiades (8 meditation set) – HUNGARIAN language




(Available in Hungarian but planned to be released in English)

 The Celestial beings of the Pleiades have been supervising and looking after the fate of our Solar System since the beginning of Earthly times. The Earth is constantly bathed by wonderful wisdom, pure love and healing power from the Pleiadian light centers.

According to Greek myth, the Pleiadian star cluster is inhabited by Seven Sisters – the seven daughters of Atlas the titan and Pleione the sea nymph. The hearts of the Seven Sisters weep for their eighth sibling, their little brother – who is our Sun. This is how our cosmic history connects with the fate of this star cluster.

Throughout history, the priestesses of the Pleiades have descended many times to heal and to teach by expressing the Celestial wisdom of the Goddess. They have taken on embodiments of selfless and loving service, anchoring the foundation codes of Christ Consciousness and revealing the secrets of healing Life and our karmic wounds.

They still live here among us; maybe you are one of the stellar messengers of the Pleiades, working in service. Knowing the cosmic history of the Pleiades can help us find our stellar roots and recognize the basic characteristics of the ancient codes working within us; codes which define our Earthly life path and mission.

The cosmic history of each of the Pleiadian stars is written in Alcyone’s Akashic Records. Alcyone, the Pleiadian central star, has never left the Light, forever resting in the completeness of Divine presence. It guards our highest evolutionary codes as well as the Akashic Records of our Solar System. By now, all the stars of the Pleiades have become Stellar Cities of Light and they fulfill their mission in the pure light of the 5th Dimension.

But in their history, these stars followed an evolutionary path similar to the Earth’s. Each star spent different periods of time in the Galactic Night, alternating with 2000 years in the age of Light and Remembering. In the times of darkness and oblivion, they too experienced deep knots of karmic binding and needed to transfigure the shadows of the Galactic Night into Light. We meet these stars as personifications, providing us with rich archetypical patterns that show us pathways out of complex failings. Thus the story of each star can teach the inhabitants of Earth with great experience and wisdom, because the paths these stellar worlds have now completed are deeply familiar to all of us: they are the very paths we walk right now, seeking to find our way.


Our book Stellar Destinies, Volume I includes the main lessons of each star’s history in detail and the archetypical patterns represented by each star.

The star-seals we received from the council of the central star, Alcyone, can help us to go deeper within and they can open our memories. As members of a galactic alliance, the Lightworkers of the Pleiades serve the Light as serious helpers for the fulfillment of the present fate of the Earth and the process of the planetary Ascension. The meditations received from them invite us on inner journeys which can heal by giving meaning to the power of our soul in dealing with the lessons of our lives, our human experiences, and our temptations and falls. The journey for each star actually forms one great unit together, but each journey can touch different parts of our personality. Therefore, we should always listen to them according to the dynamism of our life! We will feel which meditation we need depending on which problem we struggle with. (Although these meditations are available in Hungarian at the moment, we plan to release them in English gradually. Until then you can still work with the Hungarian MP3 meditations that you can purchase through our website because the guidance speaks to your soul as a gentle call forming a universal language )

Although the star system of the Pleiades represents feminine archetypical patterns, the purest yin energy the women of the Earth have to become – just as Sirius represents the pure and absolute yang energy the men on Earth have to mature into – we recommend these meditations for both women and men. For men these inner journeys can touch and heal their feminine side, the anima within them. The pathways of Alcyone, Taygeta, Maia, Kelaino, Atlas and the Sun concern universal questions and induce healing energies, which can enrich everyone who approaches them through their heart. The star system of the Pleiades mainly represents this heart-chakra quality, holding the energies of pure love and acceptance, which are central keys to our redemption.

So, we advise that you take in these stellar messages with love, an open heart and a pure soul and let them lift those parts of your life into the light, which are still stuck in shadow, suffering and fear.

We wish you immense happiness, deep recognitions and uplifting moments on your journeys. May the message of these inner songs emerge from the sounds of your heart!


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel&Anikó Greskó

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