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The Ritual of operating the Personal and Planetary Anti-grid with the Power of Niomé (HUNGARIAN language)




With this meditation we continue our series called “Niomé’s Secrets” to reveal the exact details of creating and using the Niomé Anti-grid. It helps us consciously create the extremely powerful protective and energizing light-shield, which can screen, destroy and keep away all the pathogenic elementals harmful to our physical and emotional health, all the mind-manipulating and astral influences, and the negative thinking patterns and destructive programs that we are exposed to. This meditation can be very helpful in cases of an acute or chronic inflammatory or infectious disease or if we feel that there is too much negative and low vibrational energy and astral presence accumulating around us.

In the second half of the meditation we create the planetary Anti-grid around the Earth through the power of a wonderful joining of Lightworkers to cleanse our living sphere and strengthen the protection around Mother Earth in the ministering of our fate as cosmic humans.

We would like to emphasize that this meditation should only be ordered and used by those who have already read our book “Stellar Nations – Soul Families” so they clearly understand who Niomé is and what she can help us with.

(The spiritual teachings directly related to the meditation can be found in our book Stellar Nations – Soul Families, Volume II pp. 90-164)

We hope this special healing journey can provide great help to many people.

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel & Anikó Greskó

Cover artwork: Melinda Németh – Niomé’s Secrets

We prepared a very special and extremely powerful sacral light-altar for this meditation. It is an instrument and power generator sanctified by Niomé. It accurately reflects the sacral geometry and working principle of the defensive Anti-grid that was developed by Niomé to counter negative influences. It had become a focal point that works as the anchor and sustainer of the collective Anti-grid. You can find some pictures of this wonderful work of art at our website under the Tiffany Altars-Stars Seals menu.

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Hungarian language

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