Santé di Om – The correction of Fate (HUNGARIAN language)




The 13th Stellar Nation is the ever present yet invisible Divine substance that permeates and unites life, the whole of Creation. It is like the “oxygen molecules” of the breath of God and the Goddess – the photons of Light, which created life on this deep blue sky…

This nation is the community of the Holy Spirit, which is the holy breath – the breath of God and the Goddess – it is a beautiful and undivided substance of light, which carries in itself the unmanifest and the manifested as well…
The celestial name of this nation comes from this too: Santé di Om – The Breath of the Absolute.
So this is what the beautiful and perfect transcendent quality of the Holy Spirit means. Then it was slowly revealed to us that the Breath of the Absolute, the Holy Spirit actually means the highest level Divine Destiny. So the receiving of the Holy Spirit is an experience like stepping onto our own pathway of destiny and starting to live consciously and allowing ourselves to be guided by it.
Through this extremely powerful meditation we can regain the “mystery of baptism by the Holy Spirit” and after the experience of an exceptional correction of fate we can find the way back to the life track of our original and highest level destiny.

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Hungarian language

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