The Dream of your Body II – Double CD (HUNGARIAN language)




Meditation 1

We continue the inner journey in the world of the deeply held pain-memories of our body to discover, understand and make ourselves conscious of what stations there have been to that process from our childhood up to the present, in which we have lost the control over our body. Our eating habits and the shape of our body accurately reflect the frustrations and the emotional traumas we experienced and which needed to be compensated, and also the everyday burden of stress. Following the questions asked in the meditation, again and again, we can go deeper and deeper in our memories and there can be new and further answers and recognitions revealed in us each time….

Meditation 2

This is a powerful meditation in which we open up the possibility of change and healing in our body. The eight primordial cells kept in the deep of the perineum remember the codes of our perfect physical manifestation that is carried in our DNA, while our ethereal body contains our so-called ethereal blueprint, which reflects the dream of our soul about ourselves. The perfect picture about the way we designed our physical appearance before our incarnation, so that it would truly express and reflect is. Attuning to these two ancient codes, we allow the change to begin in our body and we let ourselves return to that original completeness, which our soul projects into our body.

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