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The original intention that called Lemuria to life was to create such a sphere of life in the Solar System that would be the perfect copy of the stellar world of the Pleiades, and it would be the home to such a special Mystery School that would be in direct connection with the highest Celestial Sources through a cosmic passage, an interdimensional gate via which humanity should find the stellar pathway of the track leading homewards. Light descended then and smoothed the most beautiful dream that lives in the memory of our soul into the sphere of Planet Earth, in the womb of the Pacific.

And the Divine Source of Creation, in the form of the Goddess, shed blessings onto the life of the continent of Lemuria which consisted of 133 islands. The mountain towering on the central island became the home of that Crystal Temple where souls could meet the deepest spiritual mysteries and could receive and develop those initiating codes, which can actually open up again in this present life of ours permeated by the promise of the Ascension; to connect us with our stellar roots and the boundless perspectives of our multidimensional existence.

(This Lemurian history is told in depth in our Hungarian language book titled Stellar Destinies and partly in Chapter 4 and in the Appendix I of this book.)


Meditation 1: The Sanctuary of the Past, Present and the Future

In this powerful inner journey, we recall the light-sphere of the Lemurian Crystal Temple, which has been anchored recently in the ethereal field of Planet Earth again by the Pleiadian Masters. Then we can experience the first mystery – the sacral motion of stepping into this mysterious Temple. As the Temple welcomes our homecoming soul, there will be three sanctuaries revealed to us. The reality behind our current questions and problems will be revealed, the message of our present, and those destiny-codes may be opened, which can ascend us further on through the pathway of the learning called Life.


Meditation 2: The Pathway of Recovery and Revelation

In this meditation, we invoke the light-reality of the Crystal Temple again and we use a special way to awaken the eternal source that lives in the Temple of Our Heart. The mudra of the heart-chalice shown on the picture helps in this. Then a journey begins in which we will be embraced by the sacred islands of Lemuria; and meeting with the different aspects of our life and consciousness we can receive a special healing from the Lemurian priestesses. Then we can receive the crystal-clear revelation of the Goddess, which can help us understand the events of our life in a wider content and find our true spiritual pathway. …

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