The Source of Wealth (HUNGARIAN language)




Meditation 1: Connecting to the Universal Source of Wealth

There are many different belief systems, religious beliefs and prohibitions relating to the ideas of wealth, richness and money. It is an especially difficult subject concerning the group of people who perform a spiritual teaching and healing activity and the people who walk the pathway of the spirit, since the energy exchange of the delivered value and the compensation is very hard to define and it is really subjective. Many people think that “Whatever the invisible world has revealed to us, we seem to have received it as a gift”. The religious teachings of the past lives also live in our deep consciousness suggesting that the spiritual life and the material wealth cannot go together. Furthermore, creating for ourselves, the service we do for ourselves seems to be selfish compared to the service completed for others. At the same time, the Universe is driven by the aim to achieve balance. And the money-energy means a constant flow, movement and cycle in it, as a third dimensional way of productive creativity.

In this meditation we examine what beliefs we have adopted related to money. We look at how balanced our receiving and income is with our offerings and expenses and whether we are involved in this flow at all or does that exist outside of us. We connect to the Universal Source of Wealth and we start to create with this unlimited, infinite power and freedom.


 Meditation 2: What Hinders You From Creating Wealth?

We go deeper by revealing what emotional, mental and possibly karmic patterns keep us back from creating wealth, financial security and abundance in our life.

Many times we made vows of poverty during our services of the Church and we chose total renunciation of the material goods. This meditation can make the release of these pasts and vows happen.

On the other hand, we can also be limited by the memories of lives to which there is a sense of guilt connected. When we dealt with the money wrongly – or at least we felt like it – and we misused our wealth or fell into the traps of greed, selfishness and possession. It is possible that the fearing of these separates us from experiencing wealth and thus we cannot connect to the flow of the creative and productive money-energies.

It is also possible that the reason we cannot receive and accept things now is the settlement of our karmic debt.

This meditation offers the possibility for a deep journey inside, to reveal these memories and transform them into light at last, so that we can enter our creative processes by complete freedom again!


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