Healing journey in the soul-mirror of Anima and Animus (HUNGARIAN language)




In this mystery-journey we can find the roots of the ancient relationship patterns we are unconsciously following in our lives.

We can understand which inherited and adopted forces we are actually moved and motivated by, on the stage of our relationships and which game cycles are awakened in us during the everyday trials of our partnerships without noticing.

And once we are able to look at ourselves and our partner through the mirror that is revealed in this honest journey of our soul, a powerful healing may begin, through which the patterns of the self-alien and destructive or disharmonizing relationship game cycles can be dissolved from our morphogenetic field and the place of the many old painful and unhappy cycles can be taken over by a completely new creative dream; anchoring the new free-spirited idea woven of pure light, by which we can renew and heal our relationships.

And so the Anima and Animus living within us shall awaken to a brand new life, to create the experience of the sacred partnership with this transmuted quality.

Cover art by Melinda Németh

Digital version, mp3

Hungarian language

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