The Mystery of the Soul-Star of the Heart (HUNGARIAN language)




Meditation 1. Stepping Into the Crystal Temple of the Lotus Flower of the Heart  

We are invited into a beautiful spiritual journey in which the inner world of the ethereal light-crystal living inside our heart chakra is revealed. It is the inner sense organ of our Clairsentience. This is the point where our soul can connect to our earthly consciousness and it can fill our human feelings with a kind of transcendent depth, the pure qualities of the Higher Realms. There is a magical and beautiful crystal temple in the heart of all of us, which is reminiscent of the chalice of a twelve-petal lotus flower and in which there are twelve different sanctuaries. These twelve sacral spheres are the mirrors of different soul-qualities out of which such Divine depths of love, acceptance and faith can unfold and radiate through our being that are truly the essential pillars of the Christ Consciousness. During this inner journey, we visit, meet and heal these twelve sanctuaries, so that this Temple of Our Heart should be able again to give home to the highest vibrational manifestation of the star-seed being living inside of us, through the manifold light-bridges of love.

This meditation can really work if we truly quiet our minds down and surrender ourselves to this Feeling completely. If we approach not only intellectually – so not only from the outside – but if we let each invoked sacral quality resonate within us truly, and turn into sensations, deep feelings and a spiritual ecstasy at last. Thus this powerful mystical crystal temple can come to life in our heart again and gradually it can make us capable of the true experience and expression of the Christ Consciousness.

 Meditation 2. Creating through the Light Sphere of Our Heart

In this meditation we enter the previously met and deeply healed sacral temple sphere again, in the lotus-chalice of our heart. We awaken the magical, beautiful and powerfully healing sacred voice of our heart and we open a light-channel towards the reality of our soul, through which the purest possible spiritual messages can reach us from the Higher Realms. Thus the inner sense organ of our Clairsentience can continuously develop, which is always the most accurate and genuine guide in meeting the spiritual spheres. Then we can experience a special moment of creation in which we can project our dreams and desires through the light-sphere of our heart and we can become conscious participants in creating our life.

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